Monday, October 25, 2010

NaBloPoHalfMo: Playing with Less

I've been reading Marc Lesser's book Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less. I haven't finished it yet and can't offer a complete review. But one thing has resonated so strongly with me that I want to share it right away. He says:

[We can access] something deeper than the drive toward an outcome, which I call "Finding the One Who Is Not Busy." In other words, in the midst of activity, we can always find a calm and connected center. This phrase, by the way, is taken from a Zen teaching story from the seventh century, a time when Zen practice, and apparently busyness, was flourishing.

Finding the One who is not busy... Finding the Ronnie who is not busy...

He's exactly right: she is always in there. So is the Ronnie who is not stressed, or sad, or angry, or lonely. All I have to do is tune in to that calm, connected inner self. All I have to do is tap into my own quiet, my own certainly that I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing, and my own confidence in myself to handle what comes.

The how is the tricky part. I think meditation helps, though, if for no other reason than it slows me down and gives me time to look.

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